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USA Marriage/Fiance Visa

In the age of globalization when borders are much easier to cross, we often seek for the opportunity to travel, to study or to work abroad as it gives irreplaceable experience. If adaptation goes successfully, many of us decide to stay in the foreign country and bring their family there. As a result big cities are full of different nationalities representatives, many of whom had to apply for a visa before coming to States.

In case you have the US citizenship and you want to marry a person with different passport, it is necessary to apply for a special visa type. US marriage visa has three different subtypes. An immigrant visa is required for a spouse of the US citizen, if they are planning to get married outside the United States or if they are married already. In this case, the spouse is considered as a representative of the immediate relative category and must fill the special form at the Embassy. It is important to know, that applicant married less than two years before the date when one spouse entered the United States on immigrant visa, will get the conditional resident status. Non-immigrant visa is required for the spouse in case the US Citizenship and Immigration Services have received the form, but the immigrant visa application is still under approval process. Fiancé visa is issued in case when one partner will be travelling to US in order to get married there with the US citizen and get the indefinite residence.

In all three cases the application form must be filled in. Similar visa can be issued for the accompanying children and Royal Migration Solutions specialists will be happy to assist you with meeting the requirements. However, every situation might be different and help of professionals could be useful. Royal Migration Solutions team will help you to classify visa types, suggest you the best option and dispel doubts. Contact us and get your USA Marriage/Fiance visa in Dubai!

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