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United Kingdom

UK Study Visa/Permit

Investment in the education is the best investment you can make. Education gained in universities of United Kingdom is among high valued in the world. UK education is internationally recognized and that is why British universities attract so many students from all around the world. Thousands of students choose to study abroad as it gives opportunity to see the language and cultural diversity.

The type of education, the educational institution and the length of the programs are key elements which determine the requirements for UK student visa. In certain cases, the applicant may apply for a visit study visa instead of study visa. Due to the many variants and requirements, the visa application process can be time consuming and complicated. Our consultants at Royal Migration is more than happy to assist you in providing the apt information and processing the needed documentation to ensure that you are on the way to investing in your life and your future by taking your education further in some of the best universities and schools in United Kingdom. Our immigration experts will be consulting on applicants needing assistance from GCC countries, Middle East and African regions.

Student visa can be issued for a person of any age wishing to study in the UK schools and universities. The applicant might be asked to submit a proof of English language by taking popular IELTS or TOEFL tests which are available everywhere in the world. For a post-graduate student willing to study in some of the UK universities it is mandatory to have a high result in Graduate Management Admission Test and minimum work experience. Along with the good results the applicant must have a financial stability to be able to cover course fees and personal expenses.

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